Benefits of Ice Massage

There are so many treatments out there for back pain. You can take prescribed or over the counter medications for temporary relief, seek out a physician who may prescribe a wide array of treatments, or find an experienced chiropractor and receive regular adjustments. All of these can be helpful and should be explored if you are experiencing chronic pain, but there is one simple treatment that may outweigh the others. In many situations, an ice massage can be more effective to treat not only lower back pain, but also neck pain. This can be used in either isolation or in combination with another treatment.

Ice massages help provide patients with relief for back pain. The application of ice can slow the swelling after an injury. The majority of pain is accompanied by inflammation, and ice application assists in decreasing it. Ice also provides a numbing effect to tissue that has become sore and also slows the nerve impulses, interrupting spasms that react between the nerves. Overall the massage with ice adds both a reduction of tissue damage and a gentle manipulation of the soft tissue.

Ice massage therapy is a treatment that is most effective in injuries when it is applied soon after they occur. It is incredibly helpful in the healing of injured back muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

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