An Offer from Vancouver WA Chiropractors

If you are considering seeking chiropractic care to heal your body, now is a great time.   A Family & Sports Chiropractic Clinic is now offering a certificate for a no cost, no obligation consultation with either Dr. Hajari or Dr. Henderson.

We are dedicated to helping you reach optimal health and liberate yourself from chronic or sporadic pain, and we have already helped thousands of patients do just that. Not only are we passionate about our patients, we are also incredibly involved in our community. Both Dr. Hajari and Dr. Henderson donate their time to many community outreach programs to give back.

Whether you are looking to treat sports or accident injuries, obtain chiropractic care to help you through pregnancy, or are simply looking to relieve daily stresses and pains, look no further then A family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic. We have the experience and knowledge needed to find the right care for you!

If you have any questions about the particular kind of care you need or if you want to schedule your free initial consultation call (360) 254-0400.