An Exercise Plan For Slowing Degenerative Disc Disease – Words from a Vancouver WA Chiropractor

The last blog discussed the importance of exercising when suffering from degenerative disc disease. This post will focus on the types of exercise that are most beneficial to this condition.


Your exercise plan should include both strengthening and aerobic conditioning. When you are in the gym, you can alternate 30 minutes of strength training with low impact exercise such as; walking, biking, or swimming. This can be done every other day to help maintain flexibility and mobility, and also help control your weight. Some people are in too much pain to be able to tolerate much exercise. In this case, a gentle approach is best. Water therapy is a particularly gentle activity on the lower back because the water provides the necessary support for the weight of the body.

Stretching is another important aspect of slowing the degeneration and controlling symptoms. 
Doing just five minutes of stretching right away in the morning and right before bed can also greatly increase your mobility. Click here to read more about exercising with degenerative disc disease.

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