Adjustments to Help Your Subluxation

hamstringAt A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic, hip, knee, and back pain are ailments that see quite often. In many cases, this pain is due to misalignments within the spine known as subluxations.

If it is discovered that you are suffering from a subluxation, your chiropractor in Vancouver WA can perform adjustments help to bring the spine back into alignment. This will assist in the alleviation of symptoms and getting your life back to normal.

In addition to receiving regular adjustments, the chiropractor might suggest a variety of exercises to help gain back strength in those areas of the body so the subluxation does not return.

Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments and taking part in the exercises will improve your situation, but your chiropractor may suggest a custom spinal pelvic stabilizer (SPS), or orthotic to further increase the effectiveness of your chiropractic adjustments.

SPS’s can increase the effectiveness of adjustments for many reasons, including:

  • They help address the imbalances of the foot
  • They help alleviate pain
  • They support the optimal structure of your foot
  • They absorb shock and reduce the stress in your joints

You can discuss the benefits of an SPS with your chiropractor in Vancouver WA to see if it would be a good addition to your treatment plan! Contact us today to learn more about subluxation and other ailments that might cause you pain or discomfort.