A Vancouver WA Chiropractor Explains Soft Tissue Injuries


The ligaments in your body are bands of fibrous tissue that provide stability for the neck joints and connect the spinal bones to each other. These ligaments can become overly stretched or torn when injured. This might result in a neck sprain, which includes inflammation that is similar to a knee or ankle sprain.

You can also experience soft tissue injuries when there is sudden injury. Whiplash is just one example of this. It can occur during a car accident when the head is forced forward suddenly and then backward again.

Neck strain can also stem from recurrent poor posture over time. Here are a few examples of behaviors that can cause neck strain:


  • Leaning forward for extended periods of time.
  • Looking down while texting or using your phone to surf the web.
  • Using a computer without proper ergonomic principles.


Inflammation and muscle spasms are also fairly common during neck sprains or strains. This is due to the fact that the muscles are working to stabilize the tissues. These spasms can be very painful.

texting men

Even though it is common for these types of soft tissue injuries to improve after a few days, your Vancouver WA chiropractor suggests that you consider seeking treatment in order to assess the pain and help prevent future flare ups. Click here to schedule a consultation with A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic today.