A Vancouver WA Chiropractor Discusses the Reasons Why it is Difficult to Diagnose Some Back Conditions

The causes of back pain are very often complex. For this reason, it is often more difficult to get an accurate diagnosis for it than for other medical conditions. Some spinal diagnosis are fairly simple to detect, especially infections, fractures, and tumors. For many other conditions there is little agreement among specialists about correct diagnosis. However, finding an accurate diagnosis of the cause of back pain is extremely important because different conditions require very different treatment plans. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, the patient can find the best possible treatment for pain relief. This can greatly improve his or her ability to enjoy life.


The medical diagnosis, which is also known as a clinical diagnosis, identifies the underlying cause for the back pain.

Medical professionals can find the cause for pain by following these steps:

  • Reviewing the patient’s medical history
A physical exam
  • Possible diagnostic testing

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