A Vancouver WA Chiropractor Discusses the Importance of Seeking the Correct Diagnosis

The very best treatments for pain, will not do much good if your diagnosis is not correct. Many back surgeries that fail, do so because of the diagnosis not being right. Sometimes patients may want to consider taking charge of their own pain before moving forward with treatment.


Figuring out exactly what the cause of your pain is not the same as finding out the anatomical reason for the pain. For instance, maybe you are suffering with chronic leg pain, and an MRI shows that you have a degenerating disc. This may not be the cause for your leg pain, and even once the degenerating disc is fixed you will be left with the pain. It may take some trial and error to determine the root of the problem. Sometimes a second opinion may be helpful, especially for patients who have been trying to solve the same pain related problem for a long time. Anytime you are unsure of how your condition is being handled, consider another avenue for pain relief. Ultimately the most important thing is to live a life with as little pain as possible. For more information about seeking the right diagnosis for pain, click here.

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