A Vancouver WA Chiropractor Discusses a Few More Uncommon Methods To Relieve Lower Back Pain

The last blog touched on releasing endorphins to manage lower back pain.   This blog will go over a few other unspoken methods for alleviating this pain.

The first method is to get enough sleep. Pain is a very common cause of insomnia, leaving many pain sufferers with a sleep disorder. This inadequate sleep can make your back pain worse, making it a vicious cycle If you are someone who suffers with sleep issues and back pain, both areas should be addressed in order to manage pain.

Another way to deal with lower back pain is to exercise your core. The muscles in your abs and back play a very important role in supporting the lower spine. These muscles are easily overlooked in normal day-to-day activities, and should be targeted specifically.

Soothing the pain with cold and/or hot can have a large impact on pain relieve and should not be underestimated in the healing process.

  • Cold therapy
 has two main benefits:
    • It helps to reduce inflammation.
    • It acts as a local anesthetic.
  • Heat therapy
 has two primary benefits:
    • It stimulates blood flow.
    • It keeps the pain messages from being sent to the brain.

One more thing you can do, is stretch your hamstrings twice daily. Tight hamstrings can lead to stress in your lower back and sacroiliac joints. For more help finding relief to your lower back pain, click here.


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