A General Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Explains The Cost of Movement

Our spines are truly remarkable. This intricate system of bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons works together to allow us humans to move freely. That said, there is a downside to all of these abilities. Over time, all of this movement can add up to wear and tear that results in pain.

If you notice that it hurts to move, knowing what is going on can help you relay information to your physician. This is a good thing because better communication can lead to faster diagnosis and treatment

Here are 5 common motion-related reasons for back pain:

  1. The large spinal muscles can be strained easily with twisting motion
  2. The motion in the lower spine can cause pain
  3. This motion might lead to cartilage breakdown
  4. Your bone spurs can sometimes form to compensate for the extra motion
  5. Disc degeneration can lead to pain from micro-motion

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