A General Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Explains How Pain is a Unique and Personal Experience

When people manage their back or neck pain, it is important to know that each person will experience it differently. It is not uncommon for two people to have the exact same injury, but show their back pain in unique ways.

Chronic pain is different than acute pain. It does not serve a biologic or protective function in the way that acute pain might. When a person experiences acute pain, the severity of it will directly correlate to the amount of damage, providing you a protective front. Acute pain can be described as a symptom resulting from injury or disease. Once the problem is fixed, the pain will go away.

When a person experiences chronic pain, it is not a result of a protective or biological function. So, even though there is not any damage or disease, the nerves will continue to send pain signals to your brain.

As this pain moves from acute to chronic, the factors other than tissue damage and injury may become important. These issues include things like ongoing pain signals in the nervous system that are occurring despite the missing tissue damage. It may also be important to consider the emotional turmoil that the pain takes on the individual.


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