A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Wants You to Follow these Tips to Protect Your Neck

waterAt some point during your life, you have probably woken up with neck pain. You have also probably experienced an event that led to an injury that caused neck pain. It has actually been found that at any given time, 13% of American adults suffer from neck pain.

Here are 9 suggestions to help reduce your chronic neck pain:

Invest in a new pillow: If you are finding that you need extra comfort and support for your neck while you sleep, there are many great pillow options out there. When choosing a new one, consider a pillow that keeps your cervical spine in its neutral alignment.

If possible, sleep on your back: Sleeping on your back allows you to let your entire spine rest comfortably. If this is a problem, consider placing a pillow under each arm to help take the strain off the neck.

Ensure that your computer monitor is at eye level: To test this out, sit in front of your computer and close your eyes. Open them and make sure that your gaze is directly in the middle of the computer screen. If it isn’t, you will need to adjust your screen accordingly.

Avoid “texters” neck: When you are constantly texting or looking down at your cell phone, you might be putting excessive strain on your neck.

Consider using a headset: If you spend a great deal of time talking on your phone, try to avoid tilting your head to the side. A headset is a great way to avoid this movement.

Perform stretches and exercises regularly: This will help keep your neck muscles strong.

Drink plenty of water: This is important to nourish and hydrate your discs.

Try to carry weight evenly: 
Carrying uneven loads can lead to your shoulders being uneven, further straining your neck muscles.

Work to improve your posture: When you do not have good posture, you can inadvertently cause yourself neck pain due to straining muscles and ligaments in your neck.

If you are curious about more ways to reduce neck pain, you might want to consult a chiropractor in Vancouver WA. A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic is a good place to start recovering from you mild to chronic pain. Click here to read about our Chiropractors.