A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Wants You to Consider These Steps to Improve Workplace Ergonomics

iphone-926235_640Our last blog post discussed how your screen time at work and at home can lead to pain. Today we will share a few ideas to further improve your working situation, so you can live a life free of pain.

They way you use ergonomics is one of the most important elements to getting through the workday in a safe and healthy manner. Here are a few elements that may help you cut down on pain and keep you feeling as refreshed as possible:

Avoid your cell phone for emails: It might be tempting to use your cellphone and tablet to send quick emails when you are on the go, but these tools are actually one of the most likely to cause you pain. When possible, consider answering emails on the computer, because working at your desk provides the best chance for good posture.

Sit with support: Your optimal ergonomic setup begins with the position in which you sit. As you sit at your desk, it is important for your feet to be flat on the floor and your thighs should be at a slight angle. When you make efforts to sit in this position, it will allow you to place all of your weight evenly on your “sitting bones,” instead of causing your lower back and shoulders to round and your posture to slump forward.

Adjust the keyboard tray height: Make sure to set the keyboard high enough that when your elbows are bent at nearly 90 degrees, you are not slumping down through your shoulders. When the tray is too low and offers no adjustment options, you can attempt to modify the situation by placing the keyboard on your desk. Your mouse should always be at the same level as the keyboard to further ensure comfort.

Get up and walk around: Sitting at your desk seems like a simple task, but it can cause fatigue and exhaustion. As you sit, your posture suffers the price, so consider getting up and walking around throughout the day to stretch out your back.

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At A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic, we see pain resulting from poor ergonomics and overuse of screen time on a regular basis. Our biggest piece of advice to you is to put down the screens when possible and spend some time outdoors and with your family! If you believe you are suffering from pain resulting from workplace ergonomics, or any other reason, click here to take advantage of our new patient offer!