A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Wants to Discuss the Triple Trauma that Pregnancy Cause

We all know that having a child is a big change. This refers to your lifestyle as well as the change it causes to your body. Your body goes through so much during pregnancy, delivery, and post pregnancy child care. During this time you are likely so involved with your baby that you might not even notice the toll it has taken on your body.

Pregnancy is associated with weight gain, and most women will gain between 20 and 35 pounds over 9 months. 
This increase in abdominal weight will create an increase in your lumbar lordosis, which is the arch in your lower back. This can cause a strain in the joints of the spine. Pregnancy is also known for changes in your hormones, which lead to the relaxation in the ligaments and joints. These relaxations prepare your pelvis for delivery, further aggravating your pelvis and lower back. To read more about how pregnancy might cause you pain, click here.


The next blog post will aim to discover how delivery might impact your body. Click here to inquire about maintaining a healthy pregnancy from your trusted chiropractor in Vancouver WA.