A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Suggests Using a Foam Roller to Relieve Your Neck Pain

man-461195__180There are many ways to combat pain, and if you are someone who lives with a chronic pain condition, you have probably tried pretty much everything. Foam rollers are one way to relieve pain and ease strain

If you are interested in trying foam rollers for your pain, it is important that you use them effectively.

Here are a few tips for safely using foam rollers:

  • You should use your foam roller on your muscle, not the bone or joints.
  • You should avoid using it horizontally on your neck, directly over your spine. Vertical use is more effective and safe.
  • You should slowly roll the foam roller on your neck muscle until you find a tender spot or trigger point. Once you locate it, apply steady pressure to that spot until your pain subsides. Do not apply pressure fore more than 60 seconds.
  • You should remember that the foam rollers should cause only slight pain or discomfort as they release the knots in your muscle. If you notice sharp or stabbing pain, you should stop right away.
  • You should avoid using a foam roller on your lower back, because pain in your lower back is rarely caused by muscle.

When you combine a foam roller with medication, stretching exercises, and physical therapy, you might find that you are effectively relieving your pain.

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