A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Shares Tips for a Successful Appointment for Your Chronic Sciatica

typing-690856_640Sciatica can have a major impact on your life, both physically and emotionally! Your doctors appointments are very important for getting to the bottom of your pain and determining your next course of treatment, so it is necessary to go prepared! This week, our blog posts will focus on how to have a successful appointment!

Our first tip is to write your medical history down before you go.

This is not only helpful to your physician, but also to you. Have you ever went to an appointment and forgotten to mention something really important? If you have everything on paper, you will likely not forget to tell your doctor about it. Not only will this help you provide your doctor with more precise and complete information regarding your health, it can lead to a more accurate diagnosis.

This will help you to save time during the appointment and give you and your doctor much more time to do what is most important, which is discussing and evaluating your treatment options.

Here are a few common questions to help you prepare:

  • Do you have symptoms that extend below the knee?
  • Do you have neurological symptoms, such as foot drop?
  • How would you describe your symptoms?
  • Do your pain feel better in a reclining position or does bending forward help?

Our next post will further discuss having a successful appointment for your chronic sciatica! If you are looking for a partner in your treatment, consider a chiropractor in Vancouver WA! Click here to read more!
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