A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Shares Some Common Activities that can Cause Neck Pain

dad nestNeck pain can cause some major issues in your day-to-day life, but did you know that there are things that you are likely doing every day make your pain worse? These everyday actions are things that you might not be giving a second thought to.

At A Family and Sports Chiropractic, we believe that you can cut down on your daily pain by working to break common habits.

Consider breaking these harmful habits:

1) Looking down: You might not realize how often you do this, but between tilting your head down to view your laptop screen, angling your head forward while driving, and texting throughout the day, you are actually placing a ton of pressure on your neck. Even though these actions are small, they add up over time. The regular frequency can amount to pain in your neck. This action might lead pain, soreness, severe upper back muscle spasms, and possibly conditions like early onset arthritis. The condition has been coined “text neck” by the medical community. Your chances of developing “text neck” can be lowered by committing to spending more time using good posture.

2) Nicotine intake or smoking: We have all heard about the reasons to not smoke from a health standpoint. That said, are you aware that smoking can further aggravate degenerative disc disease in your neck.

3) Sleeping on your stomach: Your sleep position can have a big impact on the health of your neck. When you turn to your stomach during the night, you are placing a great deal of stress on your neck. This position can also lead to your turning your head and neck sharply to the side, which can cause kinks and awkwardness. To avoid this, try to sleep on your back or side if at all possible. If you are someone who can’t sleep on your stomach, consider investing in a flat pillow because it can help your back and neck stay in a healthy position.

For more tips to reduce your daily neck pain, contact a chiropractor in Vancouver, WA! Chiropractic care can make a huge difference in your quality of life by reducing your mild to severe pain!

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