A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Shares Some Chronic Pain Conditions that Hit Women More Often than Men – Part 1

amoreyogaWhen it comes to dealing with chronic pain, it is important to realize that women and men are not the same. Some conditions tend to favor women more than men.

This week’s two-part blog will be discussing the conditions more often found in women to help inform our female patients about what they may be experiencing.

Here are just a few chronic pain conditions that you might experience as a female:

Coccydynia: which is better known as “tailbone pain.” This condition makes sitting painful for those who suffer from it. This condition is relatively common in women. This type of pain can come on suddenly or gradually after an area experiences an impact.

Compression fractures: In women, this condition is most often tied to osteoporosis. In this situation, a bone in the spine will show signs of thinning or breaking. This usually occurs in the front of the spine when the bone collapses.

Degenerative spondylolisthesis: This condition causes leg and back pain due to a slipped vertebral body. When a vertebrae in the lower back moves forward, it results in irritation of the spinal root, causing pain.

In many cases, the differences between men and women in pelvic structure, hormonal factors, and pregnancy explain the reasons behind some chronic conditions being more common in women.

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