A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Shares Attitudes About Disuse Syndrome

sleepingIn our previous blog post we discussed how disuse syndrome can impact your recovery from chronic pain, today we want to share how this debilitating condition is sometimes viewed within the medical community.

Many chronic pain specialists feel that disuse syndrome is a major factor in the worsening of many chronic pain conditions. It has been known to result in a variety of significant medical problems and can even increase the chances of your chronic pain developing or becoming worse.

An unfortunate problem within the medical community is that common attitudes and treatments are often more passive and do not factor in physical activity and exercise.

Disuse syndrome can lead to emotional changes and depression, many of which are associated with an increased perception of pain.

So, if you realizing that disuse syndrome is a part of your life, it is important to seek the help of a chiropractor in Vancouver WA! Not only will we seek a treatment plan that considers all of the factors in your life, we will do our best to get to the underlying problem!

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