A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Shares 3 Tips for Having a Successful Doctor’s Appointment

111friendsOur last blog post discussed the importance of writing down your medical history and symptoms before you next appointment with your sciatica specialist. Today, we want to cover a few more things you can do to ensure a successful appointment!

  1. Bring a close friend or family member with you: Having someone with you is great for moral support, but they can also be there to take notes for you. It is also nice to have a friend in your corner who understands the complexities of what you are going through. It is one thing to hear it from you, and another thing completely to hear it from a medical professional.
  2. Consider going online for a second opinion: This will help you be sure of your diagnosis, without having to leave the convenience of your home. You can upload any forms or images, allowing your doctor to see what is going on. One obvious drawback of this is that this doctor cannot physically examine you.
  3. Understand your condition enough to know when to seek medical attention: Your doctor will tell you when you need to seek immediate medical attention. Here are a few times this may be necessary if you are suffering from chronic sciatica:

Seek help immediately if you:

  • Have worsening neurological symptoms
  • Have neurological symptoms that occur in both legs
  • Have bladder or bowel incontinence
  • Have symptoms that occur after an accident or trauma

Being prepared for you sciatica appointment will yield a more efficient and productive consultation with your doctor, leading to a quicker path towards healing. Click here to speak with a chiropractor in Vancouver WA who can team up with your doctor in helping you live a life free of pain! Click here to read about Dr. Chani Henderson!

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