A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Explains How Taking Care of Your Baby Can Impact your Spine


Once you have delivered your bundle of joy, reality will likely set in. This sweet precious child will demand a great deal of your time over the next 18 years, and while mommy deserves a break, it is not likely to occur any time soon.

After nine months of pregnancy, followed by delivery, you might not have the time to rest and recover that you feel you need. Now that you have a newborn, eight hours of sleep is uncommon.

This new child care will also typically begin to affect your back in ways you never considered. Lifting the car seat into the car might cause you to strain and holding your colicky child in the only position that calms them for hours and hours may begin to make you feel pain in new areas you never realized. The weight of a heavy diaper bag over one shoulder can also bring about new aches and pains.


Regardless of the type of pain your are experiencing post delivery, your chiropractor in Vancouver WA can help.

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