A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Explains How Posture Might Affect Lumbar Herniated Disc


The symptoms that may pop up from a disc herniation can vary depending on which disc has herniated as well as the extent of the damage. Even though certain lumbar disc herniations will be more extreme or painful than others, having incorrect posture can have the potential to alter your symptoms and discomfort.

A herniated disc can occur when the soft center of the spinal disc (the nucleus pulposus) breaches the tougher layers of tissue around the outside of the disc (annulus fibrosus) and affects one of the sensitive nerve roots near the disc.

When you overexert your lower back when lifting, you can cause your lumbar herniated disc to be even more painful. Lifting with your back instead of your legs adds additional pressure on your lower spine. This can weaken your herniated disc and lead to further complications.

When you make a change to the way you lift, your legs can help to reduce your chances of further injuring yourself. Regardless of whether you are moving heavy objects or lifting light weights, it is important to practice correct lifting form.


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