A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Discusses What May Cause a Stiff Neck

back-686824_640In our last blog post, we discussed the symptoms and difficulties associated with a stiff neck. At A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic, we believe in focusing on each patient as an individual. Your life experiences and background help us in determining our course of treatment, so when you come to us in pain, we look for every underlying problem to make sure that your treatment is entirely individualized to you!

The first things we will look for when you come to us with a stiff neck, are things you may have done to injure or strain your neck.  These include:

  • Sleeping in a way that places your neck in a awkward position, thus straining the neck muscles
  • Sleeping with a pillow that does not support your neck
  • Any sports injury that might strain the neck, including falls or impacts that push the head to the side
  • Any type of activity that causes you to turn your head from side to side, including swimming
  • Posture problems that cause you to slouch or look down for long periods of time, typically while on the computer or looking at a mobile phone
  • Any time you are experiencing excessive levels of stress. This may lead to tension in the neck
  • Holding your neck in an abnormal position, like when you are on the phone

If we determine that your stiff neck is related to something besides one of these scenarios, we will look further into your symptoms and make recommendations as needed! Click here to read about your trusted chiropractors in Vancouver WA!

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