A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Discusses Tailbone Pain


Coccydnia is the proper term for what we call tailbone pain. You might find yourself with this diagnosis when you are suffering from persistent pain at the very bottom of your spine. This pain will often worsen when you are sitting down or when you get up from sitting to a standing position.

In this blog post, we will review the causes of tailbone pain.

The coccyx, also known as the tailbone, consists of small bones at the very bottom of the spine. There is limited movement in this area, and its size can vary from person to person.


If you suffer from pain in this area, you might contribute it to one of these causes:

  • A sudden force or injury, like slipping on ice or falling down stairs.
  • Too much pressure in the area, such as sitting for overly long periods of time or holding something heavy in your lap.
  • You can also suffer from this pain during childbirth. This is due to the baby’s head pressing against the tailbone, thus forcing it backwards.
  • In very rare cases, the bones of the coccyx can fracture due to serious trauma to the area.
  • In other rare situations, a tumor or infection in the coccyx can be the cause for pain.



Any of these causes can force the coccyx to move beyond its limits and lead to inflammation and pain. If you are dealing with recurrent pain in your tailbone, contact a chiropractor in Vancouver WA that can help determine your course of action. Click here to read about A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic today.