A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Discusses Prevention and Treatment for Text Neck

The last blog discussed “text neck” and how it is becoming more and more common with the increase in the number of people looking down at devices. New research suggests that a whopping 79% of the population between the ages of 18 and 44 spend only 2 hours away from their cell phones each day. This leaves a large number of people who may at some point in their lives become affected by text neck.

Now that we know what causes this condition, it is important to determine how to treat it. Obviously prevention is key, so here is a list of ways to avoid experiencing neck pain from texting:

• Consider holding your cell phone at eye level when possible. This is the case for all screens, from laptops to tablets. This will allow you to use these devices without bending your head forward or down to do so.
• Frequent breaks can give your body a rest from the extra strain the devices take on your body. Even 20 or 30 minutes can make an impact.
• For those who work in an office, make sure that your scree is set up so you can position your head in line with your shoulders and spine, allowing you to look forward and not down.

texting men

Overall, people may want to consider avoiding the practice of looking down while on your phone. Posture is also an important aspect to keeping the pain away. For those who do end up with pain from text neck, they might benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan. This might include manual adjustments, cold laser therapy, or massage therapy. To read more about text neck,  click here.

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