A Chiropractor in Vancouver Shares How Achieving a Healthy Weight Can Help Reduce Back Pain

exercise2017 is right around the corner, and we know that you are contemplating options for your New Year’s Resolution! If you are like many Vancouver residents, weight-loss is near the top of your list!

If you suffer from chronic back pain, this is a great resolution for you because those who suffer from many types of back conditions, regular exercise and weight loss can help ease prevent future pain.

Many medical professionals agree that obesity and extra weight can cause lower back pain. Along with the health issues that come with being obese, these patients are also at an increased risk for joint pain and muscle strain. As a matter of fact, being overweight may make you experience more problems in your lower back than patients at a healthy weight level. This is even more the case if that extra weight is carried around your midsection because the extra weight pulls your pelvis forward, and causes your lower back to strain.

It is also important to note that obesity can cause your spinal structures to be negatively impacted. This might cause sciatica and lower back pain from a pinched nerve or a herniated disc.

A good diet and exercise plan, along with seeing your experienced chiropractor in Vancouver WA, can keep pain at bay. Click here to contact A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic today!

Have a happy and pain free New Year!